The Capristo alternative

It turns out there is an alternative to replacing a faulty exhaust valve with one from Ferrari. Capristo make an alternative which is detailed here. It acts in the opposite way to the standard one that comes with the car. Instead of using the vacuum to open the bypass valve it uses the vacuum to open the valve. The kit apparently comes with all the parts and can be slotted into the existing connections without any problems. The other interesting feature is that if it fails, it fails in the open position, rather than the closed position as with the original valve.


An Australian supplier and price can be found here.

If you look at the Capristo vale you see that it has an improved heat sync around the diaphragm that controls the actuator arm. However, there is an interesting option that comes with the unit. You can actually get a remote that can be wired up that allows yo to manually open the valve on command. By pressing the remote, even at low revs, the bypass valve opens and you get an ‘enhanced’ sound from the exhaust.

The unit is not cheap (around A$1,000) and there is plenty of debate around the forums as to whether having the exhaust valve always open or close impacts the car in any way. There is plenty to digest on this matter and it will get posted up here once it is analysed in more depth. We are still not at the stage of replacement yet as it hasn’t been determined yet whether the existing exhaust valve on the car is damaged or whether it is the electrics. More on that research soon, however an interesting option to consider if the existing vale requires replacement.

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