The 488GTB is coming to town


The replacement for the current 458 will be the 488. It is due here in Australia in early 2016 but as you can see the exclusive preview is next week. Even better, I have an invite to attend!

This will be my first attendance at an ‘official’ Ferrari launch so I am really looking forward to it.

I have followed the other preview events around the world via YouTube.

The two listed here are my favourites, so I hope you enjoy them also. I’m sure there’ll be a video from the Australian preview as well but I’ll certainly be posting photos and videos from the night so don’t fear.

The interesting thing is that I read that the new 488 will be cheaper than the current 458 which doesn’t make sense. However, the rumour is that because Ferrari is about to list on the stock exchange that is aiming to increase its sales volume. Hopefully, I can find out the RRP of a 488 on the night and report back. However this article earlier in year indicates a price of around $540,000 mark without options.

So let’s have a look at some numbers here. The average price of a second hand 458 is now about AU$440,000 and the 430 it replaced is AU$240,000. The talk is whether the release of the 488 will cause the price of 458s to fall? Interesting to see, because the 458 would seem to be the last of the naturally aspirated mid-engined V8’s from Ferrari (the 488 is turbo charged). However, the 488 has all the knowledge of the 458 and the 458 Speciale plus some extra stuff on top. All the reviews I have seen conclude that the 488 is a noticeable improvement over the 458 (it is also quicker to 100 kmph and has 100+ more BHP!). That leads one to think that many 458 owners may in fact be considering a 488. If they are, then the price of a second hand 458 will indeed fall.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on what transpires and report the numbers back here. Another interesting measure of ‘value’ I have come up with is to divide the average cost of the car by the cars available currently. This means that even if one model is more expensive than another, if there are less actual cars for sale then it ‘should’ be more valuable! Convoluted maths I know and somewhat subjective but I think it works. So, here are the ‘values’ of each recent model:

458 = 27,450

430 = 19,987

360 = 5,206

and what pray tell is the ‘value’ of a 355? Unsurprisingly, well at least to me, it is currently over 1.5 times more ‘valuable’ than a 458 at 48,667! What can I say? Obviously a 355 is THE car to own!