All rego’ed up

As the year draws to a close, the car has completed its annual service and registration. The only outstanding item is the small cog for the air conditioning, which seems, for some reason, much to hard to get 3D printed! Thus, the solution maybe to look at getting it injection moulded. But that too will have to wait until the new year. Man, what a drama that little part has been. I’ll get it sorted, but wow, who’d thought?

The next item on the agenda is now a car hoist to make storage easier. At this stage my thinking is around a four post hoist like:

from somewhere like Tufflift.

although a simpler one like this:


May do the job just as well and be a fair bit cheaper. I’m in the process of research across a number of different suppliers and I’ll start getting more serious about this in the New Year. For now, it is time to site back and enjoy driving.