More videos

Here’s another video that I recent shot. I have used two different pieces of software to produce the same clip.

For the first I used Windows Movie Maker


While for the second I used Apple iMovie

Apart from a few different transitions they should be identical.

Have a look and let me know which you reckon is better in the comments section of this post.

Lights, camera

One of the items that I recently invested in was a Gopro Hero 3 Black edition camera like this:

I looked at a few other brands but the GoPro seemed to be the best. Now the Black edition comes with a remote wifi control. This means you can control it via an included remote or an app on your idevice.
After doing some testing I finally got to go out on a run with it in the F355. My first attempt at putting something together is here:

For this piece I used Microsoft Windows Movie Maker which was pretty easy to use. I didn’t spend a lot of time with the production as I wanted to get something out.
My next attempt at editing was using Apple iMovie and can be found here:

Now if you compare the two you’ll find that iMovie version is far more pixelated and the reason for that is the raw file was too large to work with on the under powered Macbook Air I had. Thus, I needed to ‘optimize’ it before I brought it into iMovie. So, you’ll have to excuse the poor video quality.
I haven’t given up on iMovie just yet, I’ll certainly be doing some more research to see whether I am perhaps doing something wrong. I will however say that the whole production process using Microsoft Windows Movie Maker was much faster but then again it was a more powerful machine. Still some learning ahead.
However, I spent more production time with the iMovie version and tried to integrate the changes in soundtrack better with the video sequences, and I think it works quite well.
All of this is still part of the learning process about how the GoPro works and how to best produce something worth viewing. I hope to be able to bring reader plenty more videos, which hopefully will improve along the way. In the meantime don’t be afraid to let me know what you think or if you have some suggestions about how I can improve the production please let me know, I’m all ears!

Not quite

After all the wait, the airbag light is still on unfortunately. Turns out that the Airbag spiral contact (Part # 169471) looks like it needs replacing as well.


It’s item number 48 in the above picture. The good news is that is about $250 (from Pro-Sport Ferrari) and Sal from Racing Red can come to me and change it over when it arrives. So that isn’t too bad.

I will tell you that it is certainly annoying to still have the light on, and some people have asked me why I simply don’t put up with the problem (since it doesn’t affect the car’s performance) or disconnect the globe if it is really annoying me? At the end of the day I want the car ‘right’. I full appreciate that things will go wrong over time and as an enthusiast I want to fix them ‘correctly’ rather than just ‘making due’. I’m just that kinda guy I suppose.

Sal was also kind enough to take some photos of the car in its various disassembled state during the installation of the new Airbag ECU (Part #169710)  and cables (Part #169712).

 IMG_2891 (2)

IMG_2893 (2)

IMG_2895 (2)

While these parts were being changed I took the opportunity to get the dash re-trimmed.




I did that because it had deterioration as you can see in the above images.




You can see the different with the new trim in the above pictures. Much, much better and I am very happy with the result and my decision to get this done. I think that it really adds to the value of the car.


IMG_2896 (2)

So I have the car back again, with the airbag light still on unfortunately. However, I have ordered the Airbag spiral contact (Part # 169471) and will get that replaced as soon as it arrives. Then I’ll feel much more zen when I’m driving.


It is interesting to see the car’s dash disassembled and I must admit I’m surprised at how simple it appears. I’m sure it is far more complex but it really doesn’t look like there is all that much to me.

Anyway, I’ve got me a nice new dash to show the world when next the car steps out and for that I’m really thankful.