Run to Kiama


A few weeks ago I joined other FCA club members in a trip down to Kiama. We meet at Kyeemagh in the south of Sydney and from there headed south through the Royal National Park, over the Sea Cliff bridge to our final destination, the Little Blowhole Cafe.

Here’s our route:

Great thing about this location is great view of the ocean, it is away from the crowds and has plenty of off street parking, perfect for a fleet of Ferraris as you can see.


Having all these Ferraris pitch up on a Sunday morning was certainly unexpected for many locals who came out to have a look at the machines and ask questions, which everyone was more than happy to answer.


After a great brunch we headed off. I returned along the Princes Highway to Mt Ousely and then headed inland along the Picton road capturing the following video sequence.

Once again, an excellent day to be out for a drive.

Go fast, go north

Where I live (like most other places on the planet) there are speed limits that govern the maximum velocity that you can propel a car along at. The fastest legal limit we have here is 110 kph. Now in the Northern Territory, they used to have unrestricted speed limits but that was changed a while back to a maximum of 130 kph.
That seems to have upset a few locals as the Territory is ‘testing’ allowing certain road to return to their unrestricted limits as you will read in this story:
Lead-footers hit the highway in NT
Now why am I telling you this? Well, if you read a little into the story you find the following (my emphasis):
Fairfax Media spotted several high-performance machines on the stretch of road at the start of the trial, including a classic Ferrari F355, a supercharged Chrysler coupe and a 1000cc Yamaha superbike.
The Territory is a ‘little’ too far for this F355 and besides, I think I’ll restrict my 110+kph driving to a race track. Interesting though eh? ‘A classic Ferrari F355’. It sure is!