On track

One of the benefits of being a member of the Ferrari Club of Australia is that you get the opportunity to attend track days. This allows you to more fully experience the performance of your car on a track.

The above video, that includes photos and snippets from the days, was taken at the May 2013 Ferrari and Maserati Track Day at Eastern Creek. I went along just an observer given firstly my car was still in the shop having the dash re-trimmed and secondly I wanted to see what these days where all about before bringing the car along.

The morning was divided up into a number of ‘training’ stations around the track where drivers could learn more about their cars. In the above video you’ll see them doing a launch and then down to a breaking point. Other stations involved a slalom and cornering practice. Each time an instructor was in the car for tuition and assistance.

Once this was complete each driver then receive one ‘sighting’ lap of the track with an instructor and then, after dropping the instructor off, they could blast around as fast as they wanted (which you will again see in the video).

It certainly looked like great fun and I have never seen so many supercars in one location (especially 458s). The next track day is in October and I’ll seriously be thinking about giving at go with my F355.

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