After the recent Hunter Valley trip I gave the car a good clean. I was horrified to find a large stone ship on the bonnet.



Might not look big in the photos but it is quite large and quite deep. I can’t remember anything hitting the car while I was driving but it kind of looks to me like a branch has fallen from a tree and gouged the paint work.

Always disappointing when these things happen but after have many cars over the year you just have to accept these things once you take it on the road. Ah well, another item to add to repair list.

I have done another video as you can see from above. This time the camera was mounted on the rear bonnet right at the back of the car. I think it is a good location. The hardest thing about these videos now is finding a good sound track. I am not really sure about this one but it is different. Interested to hear what you think.

So the car is now with Racing Red to have the suspension issue and other bits and pieces looked at. I’ll provide an update when I know the ‘damage’.

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