Where there is smoke


So I took a trip with the Club to a location about three hours from the city. The drive there was a bit bumpy but it was good to let the car stretch its legs a bit.

Stayed at local accommodation overnight (car parked right outside the room) with plans to head back the following day after breakfast. However, at about 3am I heard all this shouting and wasn’t sure whether I was having a dream or not. Unfortunately, when I emerged later in morning I found my car covered with what appeared to be some form of powder.

Turns out that someone had discharged a powder fire extinguisher over a Ferrari two cars along from mine. The overspray had covered the car next to me as well as mine (although less so). The powder in the extinguisher was ammonia phosphate which is really not something you want sprayed on your car.

The best I could do when I discovered this was to wash it all off using a fire hose and a microfiber towel (leant to me by another Club member). I made sure I went over the car a number of times with the hose and the towel until everything was removed.

I wasn’t too concerned with the paintwork because because it was merely overspray and secondly I am pretty confident that the Permoanon I have on the paintwork provides excellent protection. Still, having what are nasty chemicals on the paintwork for five or so hours along with damp overnight conditions is really something you want to avoid and there is always that worry in the back of your mind.

My concern driving back was, had any of the overspray gotten into the engine? My assumption was that, hopefully it would have been burnt off, shaken loose and blown away during the 3 hour drive back. The 355 has its vitals pretty well sealed so I don’t think I have to worry there.

I checked the paintwork again carefully upon return and can’t see any ill effects but I’ll give it a good wash as soon as possible to ensure any remnants are removed. The car needs a good clean after a country drive anyway.

Hopefully the other Ferrari that was directly sprayed also shows no ill effects but it is disappointing when things like this happen. The positive is that it could have obviously been a lot worse, so small mercies there. But this sort of incident, although rare, is part and parcel of being an owner because not everyone admires the car regretfully.

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