Not just a simple reset

In the last post I mentioned how the airbag warning light had come on and simply restarting the car failed to clear it. After speak with Sal from Racing Red he decided that he’d need to see what the car’s computer says before he could diagnose further.


The connection for the airbag ECU is in a panel in the passengers foot well. You pull off the panel to reveal the fuse box and the connector.


The computer revealed that the ECU believed that the car had ‘crashed’, thereby deploying both airbags. When you drill into this ‘crash data’ you see:


The most common cause of the airbag warning light is low battery voltage and you can see that is an error recorded before the “crash”. The car has no problems starting and gets a run every week so you would tend to think that the issue is not related to the battery voltage.

Using the computer Sal was unable to reset the airbag warning light and believes that the issue is a faulty ECU unit, given that the failure happened while driving rather than when first starting.

So the next step seems to be to procure the replacement airbag ECU and then look at changing it over. Doing so may also require changing the wiring from the ECU (which lives under the centre console near the gear stick) to each airbag. That will mean disassembling the dashboard.

If the dashboard is going to need any disassembly it is probably a good opportunity to get some other issues with the upholstery taken car of (the passengers airbag is fraying and it coming away slightly from under the windscreen, right in the middle of the dash). 

Sal says that he can take car of both and would need about a week to complete everything. Next step now is to find a replacement airbag ECU.

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