Next option?

So after a few weeks waiting for replacement crank sensors and a time to have them installed Sal came over and did the honours. It was a little challenging to change one of the sensors but in about two hours it was all done.

I took the car out for an early morning run the next day but unfortunately about 30 minutes into the run the car started to develop the same issues. I pulled off at the next exit, turned the car around and headed for home.

The car wasn’t as undriveable as it was before but that could have been because it was relatively cool. However, I arrived back safe and sound.

With no warning lights or indications of problems this is a hard one to track down. It only seems to manifest itself when the engine gets hot (about 30 minutes) and then it feel like the engine is getting starved of fuel. The engine feels ok to me, just feel like it isn’t get fed right.

So it’s now we’ll just have to try and work out what to do next to attempt to isolate the issue. Frustrating, but I assure you, things could be much worse.

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