I’m lead to believe


The report on the F355 is that a number of HT leads are faulty and need to be replaced. The parts have been ordered and are on their way.

The leads, like the spark plugs, are something you never know how old they are when you buy a car. Are they original? Or maybe they were replaced at some stage, but when? Something interesting to consider if you are buying any car.

I did have a car many, many years ago that exhibited similar problems to the current stuttering problems on the F355. It got so bad that I have driving up hills using the choke (yes, it was that old it had a manual choke).

The day that it was scheduled to go in for repair it wouldn’t start, So I had to get towed being another car across town, which as an experience and a half. The funniest thing, only on reflection now of course, was that upon arrival we parked the cars outside the location to work out where we needed to go. Upon returning to the car to move it, I failed to insert the ignition key into the steering column and unlock the steering. As soon as I turned the wheel the steering lock kicked in and I began spearing across the road like a sling shot at maximum velocity.

I jammed the brakes on and luckily didn’t hit anything but I certainly gave the driver of the towing car a severe case of whiplash and no doubt made their car a few centimetres longer! Talk about panic stations.

So, fingers crossed that the leads resolve the problem and in any case it is about time that they are changed given the distance I have travelled since purchase. I can’t wait to get back behind the wheel.

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