It’s still an issue


So after all the work that was done to try and sort the car, it unfortunately seems to still be there. I took the car on a run over the mountains and pulled over just before ascending for some breakfast. When I tried to start it after a break it took a lot of cranking. Hmmm, this isn’t good I thought! The car finally fired and I started up the mountain.

Unfortunately, about 20 minutes into the drive the car dropped into ‘limp mode’ without and warning or indicators on the dash. I took a side road and pulled over. I tried on/off, to no avail. I tried isolating the battery, to no avail. Thus, my only option was to limp the car home, which is never a fun experience.

As I went to put the car away it almost didn’t start. Crank, crank, crank……finally started but again in limp mode. It had almost no power.

Ok, so off to the shop again. Problem is, Sal from Racing Red was unavailable for a few weeks. Rather than wait and have the car sitting around I decided to try Scuderia Cavallino Servizio instead. Maybe a fresh set of eyes would help?

Sadly, even after being there and having the ignition coils and O2 sensors changed (and of course not displaying any issues), the car still doesn’t feel right to me after taking for a weekend drive. It certainly doesn’t go into limp mode (yet) but there is still an occasional hesitation on crank.

The biggest challenge is the problem is consistent. Typically, the issue manifest itself after the car has been drive for at least one hour. Sometimes, it start fine, with no hesitation. Sometimes, it starts but there is a bit of a ‘glug’ at the end of a long crank and then it fires. Sometime, it takes two cranks to fire. As yet, the car has always started and not failed into limp mode. However, I can still feel the ‘glug’ on occasional start which indicates to me the issue is still there.

So now what? Do I keep driving it in the hope that limp mode doesn’t return? Do I take it back for continued troubleshooting. Decisions, decisions. It is super frustrating that it is a intermittent issues. Makes troubleshooting really tough.

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