Air Injection Device

So here’s the Air Injection System. The pipe that is broken is here (basically where 35 points to).
The solenoids valves (Part number 159177) are located in the lower right (items 8)
Here’s what it looks like in the car

You’ll notice in this picture (which I found on the Internet) the connection to the solenoid valve (Part number 159177) on the right (nearest the large drum) is light blue. Prior to yesterday’s discovery the blue connector on my car was on the left. I am pretty confident that it is now in the correct location, however I need to find out where these connections to the solenoids actually go. That is a topic for another post.
However, here’s something I found that describe show to troubleshoot the solenoid valve ((Part number 159177)):
Pull the wires off the solenoid and check they are ok. Look for breaks or seriously corroded terminals. Now start the car up, and with a electronic volt meter on the plug that goes to the solenoid still disconnected, measure the voltage that would be feed to the solenoid while someone revs the car over 4000 RPM. The ECU should provide 12 volts to operate the solenoid and this should read 12 volts on the meter at higher revs. You can also then connect the battery or 12 volts from something else to the solenoid to hear if it clicks as it engages and disengages when voltage is applied and removed. If that is all working then you then the next most likely issue  is a problems with a vacuum leak somewhere.
I think the next step is to find out where the other end of those leads goes that plug into the solenoid valve, i.e. where the other end of this highlighted connection goes:

as it is not displayed on the diagram. It would seem to go to another ECU somewhere judging by the above troubleshooting guide. I also wonder what the other solenoid valve on the right does?

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