I knew it was too good to last. After last week’s trouble free run the problems of the “1-4 Slow Down” re-emerged.
The route this week was exactly the same as last week’s trouble free run after swapping the thermocouple. However, about 30 minutes in I saw the “1-4 Slow Down” light flick for a micro-second and then the car went into ‘limp mode’ immediately. Pulled the car over, stopped and restarted. Limp mode disappeared but the car began to have the now familiar “1-4 Slow Down’ light flashing as before. It seems to come in bursts of a few seconds (10-15) and then goes way for a while. Damm, what the hell can be the problem now?
While pondering the situation peering into the engine bay noticed that the air lead from the exhaust by pass valve was attached to the wrong solenoid. It is supposed to be connected to the left solenoid but it was on the right.
As you can see in the above diagram and trace through. The top connector from the left hand side solenoid should go to the exhaust by pass valve (in the middle of engine). Likewise, the connector at the top of right solenoid should go to the cut off valve (item 13). Basically, these connections were back to front. This would explain why the exhaust bypass valve still didn’t appear to be functioning while driving. Also interestingly, after last week conclusion that ‘some has had a good go in this area of the car’, I noted that all of the air leads are not in the guide brackets like in this car:

More evidence that these things have been an issue with the car for a while and someone has tried (and apparently failed) to rectify them.
So the leads from the solenoids have now been swapped and are connected correctly according to the above diagram. Hope having them reversed didn’t do any damage. On that I really don’t know, but hopefully not since it is only air, but again you never know with a car like this.
The question is whether having these leads reversed could have made the “1-4 Slow Down” light come on? You would tend to think not but I couldn’t say for sure. Seems like this continuing issue is fast becoming beyond me and I’ll need some professional help.
The strange thing is why the light didn’t happen last week after the thermocouple was replaced? The car went on an identical run and didn’t display any issues. The other interesting thing when examining all of the “1-4 Slow Down” issues since the purchase of the car, they all sort of start out the same way. About 30 minutes into a drive the “1-4 Slow Down” light comes on but goes away. Over the next few weeks the issue progressively gets worse. Most curious.

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