Service time

Tomorrow the car gets dropped for its first major service, rego check and new tyres. This means taking across town through the traffic which is something to be generally avoid if at all possible. Thus, that will happen at the crack of dawn in the hope of avoiding any major traffic snarls. Fingers crossed. The biggest hope is that, apart from all the things that HAVE to be done, there will be time during the service to address the issue with the exhaust bypass valve and to restore it to full working (noisy) order.

Even though the car will be out tomorrow it had the usual trip up the freeway and back. Happily, there again were no warning lights so it would seem that issue was to do with the ECU flopping around the engine bay. During the upcoming service I’ll ask to get those secured in their correct place under the Motronic controller.

The next major project is to try and build a diagnostic computer for the Motronic. Doing so would not only allow the viewing of engine statistics but it would also allow the resetting of any error codes (like limp mode). It would certainly be impressive if you could get this into an app loaded on a tablet or mobile but that is probably getting a little bit ahead of the game. The first step is locating the interface information about the Motronic and how it communicates to the outside world. Some searching already reveals that this information may be somewhat hard to come by but the Internet knows all. It is just a matter of finding it.

Hopefully all goes well with the service and the new tyres provide some more confidence while driving. The only question is how will that confidence cost? Next week should reveal the answer.

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