Bath time

One of the last jobs needed to be performed on the car for this year was to give it a good wash. Once again, what seems like a simple tasks turns out to be rather complex with a car like this.
The reason why is where the car is garaged there is no wash bay. The next most convenient location for it to be washed has an impassable entrance for the car, given how low it is. Consideration has been made of taking it to a commercial establishment but none of these as yet has garnered confidence in their ability to take ‘special care’ (a phobia no doubt). Therefore, the car needs to go on short trip where it can be cleaned.
The actual cleaning of the car takes a little longer it seems than a normal car given all the ducts and the engine cover. Doing it panel by panel also takes slightly longer as well. Interestingly, there is video on YouTube:

Where you see a 355 being cleaned with a high pressure spray, including INSIDE the engine bay. Don’t know as yet whether I’d be confident to attempt this but it certainly would speed up the cleaning process. Something to think about anyway.

As luck would have it, just as the cleaning was complete it started to rain. Damm. Luckily it continued to rain lightly until the car was returned where it could be wiped down one last time under cover, which wasn’t too bad after all.

Hopefully that is the last major task for the year. It has been serviced, insured, registered, reshod, and finally cleaned inside and out. It has now been tucked in and put to bed for the rest of week like the good little car it is.

The adventure continues.

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