I’m an idiot

Went out for a drive again today and attached the Go Pro camera on the front drivers guard just in front of the driver’s door panel. After a good long run I stop for fuel (what is it with me and petrol stations? Why does everything bad seem to happen when I refuel?). I open the door to get out. When I do, I open it wider than normal to make it easier to egress (and because I have the space so why not right?). Problem is I neglected the fact that the knob of the Go Pro camera mount overhangs the door panel.

That meant knob from the camera mount was pushed nicely into the door panel thanks to my efforts leaving a noticeable dent as a reminder. Geeze, I’m an idiot! Why did I have to open the door so wide? Why didn’t I put the camera on the passengers side? Why didn’t a ensure there was no overhang from the camera? Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

The most annoying thing about this is that it was my fault and it could have been avoided if I had just stopped to think. Damm. I appreciate that it could have been worse and it could of happened in some other way but I can tell you I feel really foolish. Damm.

Hopefully the dent can be removed by the detailer that I am yet to visit. This incident will speed that visit up now. Again, very, very annoying, but I was planning on going to the detailer at some stage anyway. I also knew that sooner or later I’d get a ding like this that needed fixing, so now we have arrived at that point. Now it is time to accept that and move on. Just so annoyed with myself. Damm.

I’ve had plenty of dings and dents over the years with the cars I’ve had and each and every one has been psychologically painful. However, I have learned over time that these things happen to cars, no matter how careful you are. They just happen, period. I think that once you accept that then things aren’t as stressful. I can remember fretting for weeks over the initial ding my first car received. Now hopefully being a little more experienced I can let these things go sooner.

I know there is nothing I can do now to change what’s happened but I have learnt an important lesson about attaching the Go Pro to the car. Things could be far worse and I’m sure then dent will eventually be successfully removed but at the moment, damm, I’m annoyed with myself. Hopefully this public catharsis has sped up that process.

Aside from that I did manage to create another video of the trip which you can find here:


Any donations for the dent removal (or idiot) fund most graciously accepted.

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