Best Drives in Sydney – Maraylya

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Length – 70.4 kms

Time – 70 mins (approx)

General Description

Start at Pennant Hills and head towards Dural. Continue along Cattai Ridge Road and then towards Windsor. Return along Windsor and then along the M2, finally back on Pennant Hills Road to Pennant Hills.


There is generally not a lot of traffic on the back roads out to Windsor. Cattai Ridge Road has some good bends and a generally good surface. In some places the speed limit is 80 kmph. The return trip along Windsor Road has a great surface, is wide and has a limit of 80 kmphs. Plenty of nice bush scenery and away from the city traffic out to Windsor. The return trip along Windsor Road and the M2 will generally allow you to stretch the performance of your vehicle.


Part of road from Maraylya to Windsor has a below average surface but it isn’t an extensive stretch. The road through Dural and along Cattai Ridge Road is only a single lane and there are limited places to overtake if necessary. This means that you get held up behind a slower car for an extended period during some of the route.

A significant portion of the road through Dural and the first half of Cattai Ridge Road is 60 kmph.

There is currently a significant amount of road work being carried out along the M2 which could mean delays, poor road surface and reduced speeds while this is being completed. The M2 is also a toll road.


There are places to fill up at Dural and along Windsor road if necessary


– There are some tight bends along as it crosses Cattai Creek. The road also narrows here so ensure that travel is at the appropriate speed.


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