Best Drives in Sydney

Part of the enjoyment of owning a vehicle is being able to drive it but not just on ordinary roads and in congested streets. If you enjoy your cars then you also enjoy taking it for a good drive. Somewhere that has good roads, straights, corners, great vistas and so on.

This can be a challenge in a major city like Sydney but what I thought I’d start doing is putting together a list of Great Drives of Sydney and posting them on I’d also initially detail them here on the blog but hopefully improve the information on each over time. I’d also love to see other drivers provide their feedback and suggestions, which I’ll add to the site over time.

So let’s get things kicked off with the Wahroonga to Brooklyn loop.

Length – 50.6 kms

Time – 40 mins (approx)

General Description

Start at the beginning of the F3 at Wahroonga in Sydney’s north. Follow the freeway north until you cross the Hawkesbury River. Turn off the freeway and loop back towards Brooklyn taking the old Pacific Highway. Continue past Brooklyn along the old Pacific Highway south. Travel through Berowra and Cowan and re-join the freeway heading south just after Berowra. Continue back along the F3 south until you reach Wahroonga again.


Taking the freeway to start with allows a good warm up of the car as well travelling at the maximum speed limit currently in the state (110 kph). The return trip via the Pacific Highway is generally done on a two lane stretch of road which helps negotiate cyclist or slower vehicles if encountered. The road from Brooklyn back to the old F3 tollgates has some nice bends and is generally free of major traffic and has a limit of 80 kph most of the way.


The recommended travel route is along the old Pacific Highway is from Brooklyn to Berowra (i.e north to south) rather than the reserve. The reason for this is to avoid cyclists who generally travel south to north (i.e. towards Brooklyn). However, beware of cyclists, especially in the singly lane sections of road.

The travel through the built up area of Berowra is limited 60 kphs, however increases to 80 kphs just before the turn off back to freeway.


The only place to refuel is at Berowra just before returning to the freeway. The service stations are on the other side (western side) of the road so you will need to cross over and cross back if needed. These service stations are usually not generally as busy as what you normally find so make a good place to stop.


1. Pie in the Sky – Old Pacific Highway Cowan.

2. Apart from service station fair there are also a number of shops on the other side (western) side of the road as you enter Berowra. There is a parking station on the south bound (eastern) side that you could use.


– The Pacific Highway is used frequently by large groups of cyclists, which may be travelling in groups at times.

– The commencement and end of the F3 at Wahroonga is 80 kph. Keep to these limits as police speed enforcement in the area is high in both directions. This means don’t accelerate to 110 kph until you see the signs north bound, and south bound ensure you reduce speed to 80 kph when you see the signs.

– From the Brooklyn turn off north bound to the start of the dual carriage way on the old Pacific Highway is 60 kph.

– A regular speed enforcement zone is just as you approach the old toll gates on the F3 on the old Pacific Highway heading south.

– The speed limit decreases from 80 kph to 60 kph through Cowan on the old Pacific Highway.

– The speed limit through Berowra decreases from 80 kph to 60 kph on the old Pacific Highway.



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