Other side this time

Took the car out for drive as normal recently but 10-15 minutes into the drive, while climbing a hill, I lose power and get the ‘5-8 Slow Down’ light flashing at me. In a few seconds the fault cleared and car carried on without an issue.

Here’s a little video of that trip.

My first fear was that the thermocouple ECU on the other cylinder bank was failing however even I spoke with Sal from Racing Red he thought it may have been a fouled spark plug and not to worry too much unless it reoccurs.

With a little trepidation I took the car about the following week with someone else along for the right, everything went fine until we returned home and garaged the car. While parking it seemed to bang its nose more than it usually does, which I thought strange.

During the week I measured the clearance on both sides of the car and found the drivers side to be about 25mm lower than the passengers side. Hmmm…I have a weekend drive day with the Ferrari Club of Australia next weekend. Hmmm.. what’s the best option here?

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