The Ferrari Club held a concourse today in Hunter Hill in Sydney that was extremely well attended. Unfortunately, my car is still in the shop getting the dent taken out of it that I recently put in it.


Ferrari Maserati Sydney brought along an F12 and a 458 Spider you see in the above two shots.


Of course for me the main attraction was other F355s present and you can see from these shots that yellow was a pretty popular colour.


So they have two sections for judging, concourse and wax & wash. The concourse is the more fastidious section where you lose points for paint chips (yup, pain chips).


I gotta say that all the concourse entrants put mine to shame, they were immaculate. I can’t even imagine the amount of time it must have taken to get them into this condition. If you ever want to see what a Ferrari looked liked when it came out of the factory you should check out these cars.


The wax & wash competition is less rigours but even so the cars here looked pretty much in showroom condition to me, talk about clean cars! Even the engine bays were immaculate.


To win the concourse amongst all these outstanding examples for automobiles would really be something for the overall winner.


As you can see the event was well attended with the cars basically filling the complete oval. Quite a sight.






It was great to see so many well turned out cars, speak with some very passionate owners and enjoy the sunny weather on a great Sunday in Sydney. Maybe next concourse I’ll give the wax & wash competition a go? But still reckon I’d get put to shame if the quality I saw today is anything to go by.

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