First outing for 2014

What do you do after you spend all that time cleaning the car? You go out and drive it and get it all dirty again of course. As I have said before, I bought this car to drive not to hide away all polished up in the garage.

The weather looked fine when I started out so I took the top off. Unfortunately, there was one cloud at the midway point of the trip that decided that it couldn’t hold its water. While travelling at speed the car didn’t get much rain from the sky inside but the water from the windscreen travels to the top of the windscreen and then has nowhere else to go but into the car and onto the driver. The heavier the rain the more the flow of water at the edge of the windscreen grew.

Knowing full well that as soon as I put the top up it would stop raining, I did so anyway in an underpass. Would be much easier and quicker with two people, but alas no one else wanted to come with me this early morning.

Withe roof back in place and returning back I turned off the freeway at Brooklyn and headed up the old Pacific Highway to Hornsby. In my continued experimentations with dual Go Pro cameras I produced the above video.

This time both cameras worked as expected in tandem capturing exactly the same shots. This was after ensuring both had the same configuration settings and were full charged before taking off.

The reason there are no engine sounds is that the only thing the Go Pros capture audio-wise is the wind rushing by. I’m looking into getting a microphone I can plug into them and attached to the exhaust pipes. Only problem with is that the exhaust pipes get pretty hot so I’ll have to see if there is a way to get the microphone close but not cooked. Some work to be done there. 

With the car all refuelled and back home I kinda have my eye on a longer trip next weekend. Not 100% sure given ‘returning from holidays traffic’ which is going to be a mess given what I saw heading out around Christmas.

Something to ponder this week.

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