Go fast, go north

Where I live (like most other places on the planet) there are speed limits that govern the maximum velocity that you can propel a car along at. The fastest legal limit we have here is 110 kph. Now in the Northern Territory, they used to have unrestricted speed limits but that was changed a while back to a maximum of 130 kph.
That seems to have upset a few locals as the Territory is ‘testing’ allowing certain road to return to their unrestricted limits as you will read in this story:
Lead-footers hit the highway in NT
Now why am I telling you this? Well, if you read a little into the story you find the following (my emphasis):
Fairfax Media spotted several high-performance machines on the stretch of road at the start of the trial, including a classic Ferrari F355, a supercharged Chrysler coupe and a 1000cc Yamaha superbike.
The Territory is a ‘little’ too far for this F355 and besides, I think I’ll restrict my 110+kph driving to a race track. Interesting though eh? ‘A classic Ferrari F355’. It sure is!

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