Three pointer

I am pleased to report that the F355 now has a fully verified 3 point alarm system. It took a few hours and a few hundred dollars to get sorted but in the end I am glad it is done.

Interestingly, one of things that we checked upon completion was the override code. Basically you switch the ignition on and off in accordance with the code and the alarm is disabled allowing you to start the car in event that you don’t have access to the fobs.

When we tried the code that was provided it turned out not to work. Luckily, after some further examination of the alarm we found the working code. This means that the details that have been provided with the car since the day it was installed have been incorrect. Thus, if any of the previous owners had needed to start the car without the fob they would have been dead in the water!

This experience has highlighted another learning experience when it comes to buying a super car. You need to firstly check exactly what the alarm does to disable the car as many insurers want three point alarms. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, you need to check you have all the documentation about the alarm, especially if it is after market.

Most super cars build after the year 2000 have factory three point alarms, so that makes things easier, however if you have or desire one prior to 2000 then you really need to do you homework.

So, the long and short of it is that I am a few hundred dollars poorer but I have a car that is more secure and more complaint with what insurance companies request. Downside is I have found an alternate that doesn’t car about the alarm being three point or not. However, having a three point alarm and a known override code does remove any future worries (in that respect at least) when it comes to insurance.

Now all I have to do is pony up the money to pay for the insurance. Ouch.

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