Bathurst Bash

I was lucky enough to be invited over the weekend on a run with some other supercars out to the Bathurst 12 hour. We started early Saturday morning at Windsor and then proceeded along the Bells Line of Road to our first stop at Windsor.

We stopped briefly at Mt Victoria and Tanara before making our way to Mt Panorama Bathurst.




We lined our cars up with some other exotic cars and bikes for general display and then headed off to enjoy a pit tour of one of the Ferrari Teams.




We did have to cut the tour short because part of the benefit of going into the exhibit with our cars was that we were able to do a lap of teh circuit.

So, with the trusty GoPro mounted inside the car I captured the above video to give you a feel. It wasn’t a high speed lap it was a parade lap but it was still the highlight of the weekend for me as it was something I had been planning to do with the car at some stage (achievement unlocked).

We had dinner at the circuit and headed off to our overnight accommodation at Duckmaloi Farm, which I can highly recommend if you every get out that way.





Once everyone was roused and the extraction of cars sorted we headed back to the Mount to catch the race.



From there we headed back after a memorable weekend out bush at the spiritual home of Australian touring cars.

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