50,000 and still going


After the next trip in the F355 it will have clocked over 50,000 kms. That means I’ve done about 17,000 of those since I bought it about two and half years ago. That equates to about 130 kms per week and in most cases, given that I only normally go for a drive once a week, that is per drive.


As with all cars, there seems to be bias against those with higher kilometres, especially when it comes to supercars. However, one of the things that I learnt when I was on a Ferrari Drive day way back before I owned my car was that it is the service history that far more important than the kilometres travelled. In fact, supercars with low kilometres are more of a worry because they have not been used regularly enough. That leads to lots of problems with tubing, seals, and so on.


Thus, of primary concern when you purchase any time of supercar, is to examine the service logs and ensure that it has been serviced by a reputable mechanic on a regular basis to the specifications of the manufacturer. In my case, this means doing things like having the engine out to change the belts.

So remember, if you are in the market for any car I would suggest these days, don’t worry so much about the kilometres travelled. Concern yourself with confirming the that the car has been serviced regularly and to the manufactures specifications. Also remember that supercars that don’t get driven much and sit in garage tend to have more problems than those that get drive regularly. To me a car that is driven often is generally more loved and cared for than one that sits in a garage. I know that applies to my F355!

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