Riding shotgun

Been a bit quiet here recently, but that is a good thing as the F355 has been running well, taking many trips, consuming much petrol and providing endless enjoyment.

However, for recent change of pace I decided to leave the F355 behind on a recent Club run and see how many different cars I could manage to ride shotgun in.

The day started out with a ride in a California. Next was a 308 (Magnum PI style). Then I jumped into a 458 for the journey through the Royal National Park south. During that stage I captured the above video.

The car in front is a new McLaren 650S owned by a Club member. Spectacular stuff, through the forest, along the windy road in weather that was a little damp to say the least.

After pulling over to admire the view at Stanwell Tops I swapped to the McLaren for the ride to Bulli where we enjoyed a great lunch at Sublime Point.

I was returned to Sydney in the 308 (after it received a bit of an electricity ‘top up’ from another vehicle and their jumper leads.

All in all a great day of partaking as a passenger and being able to just sit back and enjoy the ride, through both the city and countryside. My choice for best ride? The 458 without hesitation. It is a magnificent car and all I can say now is – I want one!

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