I’ve been invited

Well the time is drawing near for me to depart to the other side of the world, to the land of the supercar and home of Ferrari. As an owner you have the opportunity to take a restricted tour of the factory (no photos allowed), which I am happy to say that I have now organised and received confirmation for.

I’ll be in the Maranello/Modena area for about 5 days. Two of these will be attending the Corsa Pilota as I have mentioned but I’ve now just about finished mapping out plans for the others days. One morning will be the factory tour, which runs for about 3 hours after which I’ll take a stroll to the nearby Ferrari store for a look and see. One of the biggest challenges I have found with purchasing official merchandise via the Ferrari online store is that most items are tailored for that slim European fit, which unfortunately is not my body size. I’ll be interested to see if the premier Ferrari store actually has clothing that will fit me!

After that I plan on strolling along to the Ferrari Museum not far away to while away most of the remainder of the afternoon. I’m not exactly sure how long I’ll spend here but I’m aiming to take a late afternoon shuttle from this museum to the Enzo Ferrari Museum back in Modena. That should take me through to early evening, where I can grab something to eat and head back to the hotel.

The following day I have arranged to do some other supercar marque touring, with my main aim being a tour of Lamborghini. Luckily, I have some local contacts that I trying to arrange something a bit different. Hopefully, that will pan out in the morning and the afternoon I’ll take in something like Maserati. Unfortunately, Pagini is close during my time.

The final appointment for that day should be dinner with all the other Corsa Pilota attendees. Then it’ll be to be bed for a good night’s sleep and then two days of high speed driving and instruction at Fiorano.

Hopefully, I’ll have internet access and the energy to post my experiences from these days in Maranello and Modena, so stay tuned for updates. It’s going to be fun!

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