Green is not my favourite colour


After a long hiatus, the F355 was about to go out for a longer run in the spring sunshine. It was also an opportunity to wash the grim off as well. During this process, I notices some coolant leaks (spray) near the firewall, just behind the driver. It had sprayed onto the underside of the engine cover and across the middle of the engine, near the braided connectors as you can see above.I cleaned off the area but upon arriving I notice it had returned.

Ok, this is a current issue that’ll need to be addressed. The amount leaking doesn’t appear to be huge, and I topped up the coolant tank, so the car should be drivable if needed.

After letting the car stand for about an hour upon my return, I check underneath the car and found a steady drop, drop, drop of coolant leaking from right in the middle of the engine. Again, nothing tremendous but enough to have me worried about getting it fixed asap so it doesn’t get worse.   

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