Green, green go away


After a month’s wait for the opportunity to be repaired, I decided that the safer bet was to trailer the F355 over to Sal for a diagnosis of the coolant leak. Watching the temperature gauge constantly while driving on the freeway and potentially having to pull over is not my idea of fun.

Loading onto a tilt tray is always a nerve racking experience and this time was no expectation. Inching along, holding the car by the clutch is not what these cars are designed for. However, being manual, it is probably much easier that using a F1 gearbox. The worst part is simply not being able to see where to align the wheels and relying on someone else’s hand signals, again, is not fun. But, we got there and up on the trailer she went.


Even on such a short trip onto the trailer, the car was still losing coolant as you can see.


The puddle created, when stationary, is about mid-vehicle. This means the leak is somewhere between the engine and firewall.

I waved the car farewell and awaited word.


The diagnosis is that the top hose to the header tank (driver’s side) had a small hole resulting in coolant being sprayed upwards into the engine bay. Luckily, not a major job after all.

Hopefully, I can also get the cats refitted and the suspension warning light resolved.


I am still in the process of getting the cog for the A/C control 3D printed, so I have a backup of this rare part. The replacement of this cog will have to wait till next time it seems. Next time, in fact, won’t be too far away as it will soon be time for the annual service and registration.

At the moment, the car remains at the doctors having the coolant leak, exhaust and suspension repaired. That hopefully won’t take too long and we’ll be back on the road again after many weeks.

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