We maybe getting somewhere


It seems that we may be one step closer to getting a 3D print of the cog that is part of the timing actuator for the air conditioning that failed on me.. Someone has finally been able to render the part into a file that can then be used to actually create the cog!

Now that the part is on file it should be straight forward to print it. I’m not holding my breath as this tiny component has pushed many people to breaking point, including me. However, fingers crossed, the end result should not be too far away now. Then it needs to be tested to see whether it actually does the job.

6 thoughts on “We maybe getting somewhere

      1. As of December 2022, no. I can’t tell you how frustrating it has been to try and get this part made. i won’t bore you with the details but all I can say is that it now looks highly unlikely any will be made unfortunately.


      2. I see. I replaced one, but was hoping to get a gear to have a backup. I guess I’ll toss the broken actuator then.



      3. It is proving to be an never ending source of frustration trying to get what appears to be quite simple done. I may start the whole process over again by trying to find someone else.


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