Well, almost

After having the Catalytic Thermocouple control unit changes yesterday today was a big day to see whether the car could be taken out without any issues manifesting themselves. Alas, it wasn’t to be.

A few minutes into the warm up of the vehicle the suspension warning light came on. This is the first time that this has appeared. Here’s what it means:

If any of the suspensions system’s electrical components malfunctions, the ECU lights the suspension malfunction warning light and regulates the shock absorbers to a fixed safety setting.

If one of the actuators malfunctions, the ECU may be unable to control it. This may cause the shock absorber regulated by that actuator to function continuously in one fixed setting. Even under these conditions the vehicle remain safe to drive. The ECU stores an error code for the malfunction in its internal memory.

If the suspension malfunction light comes on while the car is moving, stop that car, turn the ignition to “Stop” and then back to “On”. If the warning light does not comes on again, the malfunction was temporary (e.g. bad contact) and the system will operate normally.

So, I turned the engine off and back on and happily the light did not reappear. So that will be something recorded for the next time the cars computer gets read (hopefully a long while into the future).

The plan was to take the same course as last week to get a comparison of the vehicle with the new part. Maybe imagination and wishful thinking were playing games  but the car certainly seemed to have much better performance and power. Pulling off the freeway, the return trip via the more ‘scenic route’ was the most enjoyable it has been so far in the car. Although still not quite 100% the vehicle performed so much better and was far more responsive through the twists and turns. It is finally beginning to show what this car is all about.

Life is now a lot happier than it was last week with a car that functioning far closer to its potential. This is mainly thanks to Sal DiMauro from Racing Red whom the vehicle will continue to visit when it needs works form now on. However, there is still the is hope that one day, from turn over to shut down, the car will complete the journey without an unexpected warning or issue. Hope springs eternal eh? Or maybe that is delusional? Time will tell, but I think the car just needs some extra loving care to make it feel needed and then it will all be good. Fingers crosses that this loving care doesn’t mean too much of a bank overdraft!

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