After doing some searching on the Internet I came across the following site http://www.prosport-ferrari.co.uk/. It offers mainly spares for 360’s but in fact has new (and used) thermocouples for 355’s. Interestingly, I only came across this site when I was searching for a picture of the 360 thermocouple as I wanted to check that these were not installed in the 355 as was previously mentioned. Just goes to show you that it comes down to what terms you use in the search.

Given that I am not local to these people I asked about the total cost of shipping out to Australia. I received a reply that the total cost, including shipping, would be 85 UK Pounds. That turns out to be about AU$137! That was FAR cheaper than anything else I had found, so it was time to order. A few emails to Mike at ProSport- Ferrari and one very short phone call to provide credit card details and the part was ordered. Very simple and easy.

The expectation was that I would receive an email confirmation that the part had shipped but that hasn’t been forthcoming, which concerned me a little. The required amount has been deducted from the credit card so now it would seem that the only thing to do is wait. It has been almost 7 days since the order was placed so hopefully something should materialise after about 10 days. I have no reason to doubt these guys but it would certainly reduce my concerns if they at least sent an email letting me know that that the shipment was on the way. I also checked out their shop on E-Bay and there was plenty of good feedback and nothing negative, but guys if you ever read this, a simple email would go a long way! Aside from that these guys look like a good option for parts when further items are required.

The car got a short run again this weekend just to keep it ticking over. The ‘1-4 Slow Down’ light came on almost immediately after staring the car and did initially try and cut the cylinder bank. However, after a few minutes the light continued its random dance of going on and off while driving. After 15 minutes or so it was back again hopefully ready for a thermocouple replacement which will once and for all rid the car of the dreaded ‘1-4 Slow Down’ light. Please

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