After about 10 days of placing the order the replacement thermocouple ordered from arrived in a discrete package in the mail. Inside was:

a shiny new thermocouple in a genuine Ferrari parts bag as expected. Opening this up revealed:

Now this still looked shorter than the required length, however perhaps I am just paranoid (and the more I think about it logically the more I think I am being just that). Hopefully, my initial impression is wrong. All the previous research points to it being the right part but we’ll see what happens tomorrow when it gets swapped in now won’t we?

Taking a closer look at the part we find the actual thermocouple at one end with the attaching bolt.

Connected to braided wire, with a short plastic shelve for clamping to the body.

That then leads another plastic shelve and finally to a connector that will plug into the ECU unit.


So if you measure the part you get approximately:

A = 70mm (from the tip to the end of the flange

B = 68mm (from flange to beginning of spring)

C = 55mm (spring)

D = 150mm (spring to first plastic covering)

E = 40mm (first plastic covering)

F = 345mm (between plastic coverings)

G = 93mm (second plastic covering and connector)

Overall = 682mm

So the connector on this lead will go into the ECU here

while the thermocouple will go into the catalytic converter here, secured by the nut

Co-incidentally, someone else I was chasing up the part with came back today with a quote of AU $357.50. Quite a bit more the AU $136 I paid! Just goes to show you that it pays to spend some time searching on the Internet and that places you find (like provide a really good and efficient service.

So tomorrow, the new part will be swapped in so and  we’ll see whether it is long enough. Fingers crossed.

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