Not quite the right size

One of the recommendations made to me was that I should look at using some replacement mats for the car while keeping the originals in as new condition as possible. Good idea, I thought. That way if I ever show or the car or sell it (heaven forbid) then I’d have as near to perfect original mats.


The above shot shows you the original mats side by side (left = passenger, right = drivers). You’ll also notice that they are different shapes and have two eyelets each to secure them onto the floor.

As a temporary measure I bought some ‘standard’ car mats just to put over these mats. What I overlooked again was the fact that a car like a Ferrari is very different from your run of the mill car. Why? Because in the F355 the pedals are actually mounted on floor as they connect to the motor at the rear. Most ‘standard’ cars these days have their pedals connected at the top leaving underneath clear.

The main issue was the driver’s side with the pedals but I managed to kinda get a ‘standard’ mat to fit by reversing it. This all worked well in the interim, preventing wear and tear on the original mats while I scoured the Internet for some custom replacements.

I found a couple of places that had F355 mats but most would not ship to Australia. Finally, I located:

These mats are provided through Ricambi America which I know very well are perusing their website looking for different parts and engine configurations. I sent them an email, as I wanted right hand side mats and they said that would no problems. They emailed me a PayPal invoice for $125 to cover the mats and delivery. All very efficient and response.

The mats arrived in about three weeks and looked like:


They were well made Llyods Mats and certainly look like they’ll do the job.



Problem was when I attempted to install in the floor of the car them I discovered that the distance between the eyelets on these new mats was too short. The passengers side was about 3cm too short and the driver’s side was about 7cm too short. Both mats will attach to the outside floor mount on each side but the inside eyelet simply doesn’t match up.

I checked the original floor mats and the distance between the the eyelets is 48cm for driver and passenger mats. Strange I thought. Surely, they would have the layout for these mats and should be spot on?

I have emailed Ricambi America to see what they say and how they want to handle this. I not fussed enough to return the mats, they’ll do the job that I need, however it would be nice if they did fit but as I keep being reminded by this car, nothing every works out the way you think. What I however have learnt by this stage, is that this is all part of the enjoyment of owning one.

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