Popping the top

Another wonderful sunny day for a drive and a good excuse to once again go topless!

Here are some promised photos of the roof.


To remove the hard roof you need to firstly open the holding clips at top of the windscreen on the drivers and passengers side. The clips are shown in the above photo.


Once the clips have been opened you can remove the roof and stow it behind the seats. The roof is heavier and more cumbersome that it looks so be careful when positioning it behind the seats. You’ll generally need to spin it around so the large positioning spikes can be inserted in the holding holes behind the seat as shown above and below.


Once the roof is in place the seats can be returned to their upright position and you are ready to go.

As I have said before, having the wind in your hair and experiencing more than a million square kilometres of blue sky is what these cars are all about. However, keep in mind that if you want to put the roof back on (if it starts raining for example) you’ll have to pull over and man handle it back into place. All that can take a few minutes to achieve so heed the weather well before you elect to go top down.

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