In da club

One of the things that other car enthusiasts told me to do was join the Ferrari Owners Club.


I finally got around to do this. The fee is basically $250 per annum and after joining the first thing I received was a few previous editions of the club magazine. I sort of wondered whether this was all that I could expect. Turns out it wasn’t.

Over the past few weeks I have received a number of items shown above including:

– a membership card

– a membership certificate

– a membership badge

– a key ring

– a gold medallion

– some additional magazine

What I really joined the club for was to attend the events (especially drive and track days) so I was looking forward to hearing about these. Turns out that the club is organized at a national and state level, so when the state magazine turned up it was full of upcoming events. Yeah!

I’m in the process of working out exactly which events to attend and I’ll post more about these as they approach, however the other night I did manage to attend my first ‘official’ club event.

It was an open day at Belinda Bodyworks in Leichhardt.


There were some nice cars there to drool over, including a yellow 348tb parked in the entrance.

An interesting night to see how cars are repaired and the technology that is now in use. It was a well put together event with some nice takeaways from the crew at Belinda Bodyworks. It would have been nice to have actually known some others but hey that’s what happens when you are new boy in town.

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