A car in the crowd

When you drive a bright red sports car you stand out no matter where you are. When your drive a bright red Ferrari you stand out even more. So, what’s the only way not to stand out? Be part of a crowd of bright red Ferraris like below.


Ferrari Club Australia (FCA) NSW division organized a drive morning from the old toll gates on the F3 to Mangrove Dam on the central coast.

About 25 Ferraris of all makes and models assembled for the drive up and back, starting along the old Pacific Highway.



It was my first ‘drive day’ event with the club and I had a blast. The car performed flawlessly and the route made it really worthwhile. Probably the most enjoyable part was doing with a group of enthusiasts, who all love their cars just as much as I do. Finished off with a great brunch at the Corrugated Cafe, an excellent way to spend a Sunday morning.

I’ll have to add this trip to my list and do it again! Thanks FCA.

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