Cavallino run

After warming up the F355 I headed off to Ferrari Maserati Sydney in Waterloo as the meeting point for the planned Cavallino run to the Southern Highlands as a tribute to Enzo Ferrari.

After some coffee and pastries we where marshalled in convoy onto the streets of Sydney. It was quite a sight to see over 20 Ferrari’s travelling on convoy. You couldn’t miss knowing when the lights changed from the roar of the exhausts.

We headed south along Southern Cross Drive and then onto the Princess Highway. We turned left Loftus and headed through the Royal National Park to our first stop around Stanwell Tops.

After a short break we headed onto the road again towards Wollongong. Unfortunately, we turned left instead of right which meant we missed taking Bulli Pass back up the mountain, but no fear we kept heading south towards Wollongong meeting up with the Princes Highway again.

At Albion Park we turned right and headed along the Illawarra Highway through Macquarie Pass National Park, which was a great stretch of road. At Robertson we turned right and headed through Kangaloon and then Bowral to our final destination Bendooley Estate Berrima.



We lined all the cars up and headed off to an exquisite lunch.




The cars where then arranged in a fan shape to permit the great shots you see above.

After filling up in Mittagong we headed back to Sydney along the Hume Highway.

A really fantastic day and a huge round of thank to Ferrari Maserati Sydney for all their hard work organizing the day, mapping the route, proving printed direction and keep all the ‘strays’ together. I think everyone had a great time and it was a fitting tribute to old man Ferrari.

Apart from the above shots I managed to get some great video with the Go Pro, although I did have some issues trying to ‘wake’ it up while driving through the scenic Macquarie Pass National Park. So no shots from there unfortunately! That’s ok because it would have captured me slamming the nose into the road after failing to see a major ‘bump’ along the way. Luckily, the car hasn’t shown an ill effects from this.

The video has some great shots of winding through the Royal National Park and long the coast road, including traversing the Sea Cliff Bridge in Wollongong. Unfortunately, it was pretty hazy due to all the bushfires lately but that certainly didn’t spoil the day.

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