Colour confirmation

If you have been following along with this blog you’ll know that last week I managed to back the F355 into a road divider, mark and split the rear bumper (Damm!). You’ll find all the gruesome details here:

Look before reversing


So my starting point is the above right after the fact.


First step was to give the car a good wash and see if I could at least scrub off the black marks. As you can see from the above shot I was successful in doing that. So, this becomes the new starting point (and I feel a little bit better).


The next thing that I needed to confirm was the paint colour. You find the plate for this under the rear engine cover as shown above.


As suspected, the car is Rosso Corsa Fer 300/12. Knowing this will allow me to order a bumper repair kit with the right colour.

So, the plan of attack is now do some research on fibre glass sanding and order a bumper repair kit. I’ll test the colour of the kit on a few scratches I have elsewhere that are inconspicuous. After that I’ll have a go at repairing the fibreglass inside the bumper next to the tailpipe.


That way I’ll be able to see whether I have the right technique without it being too obvious if I don’t.

So, off to learn about sanding fibreglass.

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