Ferrari F355 fuel consumption

One of things you never know with any car is how far you can get on a single tank of gas. The Ferrari F355 has a low fuel light like most cars but as yet I have not tempted that barrier, however I do want to understand what sort of range I can get on average.
Now I do notice that after the fuel level drops to half full it falls away much quicker from here than it does getting there. Thus, it seems to go from half full to empty quicker than full to half empty.
The Ferrari F355 tank is 82 litres in capacity with reserve point of about 20 litres. This doesn’t mean the tank is 102 litres, it instead means when you drop below the 20 litre mark the fuel warning light should come on.
I recently filled up the tank pretty much with 44.4 litres after having done about 380 kilometres since the last fill up. According to my maths, that should allow a total range of about 702 kilometres on a complete tank.
Now to be on the safe side if you instead take out the reserve fuel amount of 20 litres and redo the same calculation you end up with about 531 kilometres in range.
So, I would therefore expect the warning light to come on after about 530 kilometres and the tank to be dry around 700 kilometres. To get a safe range for the car (and allow some margin for error) I’d probably average these two numbers and get a range of about 615 kilometres.
Now of course that range is going to vary depending on how you drive. If you drive like a lunatic racing the car everywhere it will be much shorter. Also, if you spend more time in traffic and stopping and starting rather than on freeways or open road then your consumption will be greater. However, I think the above number represents a good rule of thumb for most driving.
I’ll continue to monitor my consumption and report back if the above figure changes much.

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