Road to Sydney Cavalcade

On Saturday the 12th of April 2014 I rose early and headed to Glebe Island to be part of the Road to Sydney Cavalcade to Sydney Motorsport Park as part of the Ferrari Racing Days.

Having volunteered to assist with the logistics I arrived just before 6am. Problem was that the location staff weren’t really prepared for me and sent me around the back. I insisted that I should park just over ‘there’, but no, I was sent to the ‘great beyond’ to be out of the way.


By the time I had walked back to where I knew I was supposed to assemble others where arriving and the location staff had realized their mistake. I therefore relocated the F355 into pride of place on the front row of the grid.

We then received our briefing and I took the post of directing participants as they arrived all the while wearing a very ‘fetching’ high visibility jacket.







Just before 8am we had almost 140 Ferraris of all types and colours lined up ready to kick off. We had to wait in our cars with the engines off before being told to start. This was in order to keep the noise down being mindful of the local residents.

The cavalcade left by column, so I was the head of the third group, which was great since it meant I had someone to follow. I had my two GoPro cameras set up on the car but unfortunately the front facing one died after about 10 minutes. Something wrong with the battery I suspect. However, the rear facing camera worked fine as was able to capture the majority of the video above. This allowed the capture of the front of other cars which is probably a much better angle I think in retrospect.

We headed back down towards Victoria Road from Glebe Island, taking a right turn over the ANZAC Bridge. The good thing was we had the police stopping traffic for us at the intersections, so not worrying about hill starts.

As we reached the ANZAC bridge we became immersed in Sydney Saturday morning traffic and the cavalcade started to get fragmented as other cars broke into our line. The continued as we crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and heading along the Gore Hill Expressway into the Lane Cove tunnel.

It was truly amazing at how much traffic ‘suddenly’ materialized in and around the cavalcade but I suppose that is to be expected when you add a 140 off Ferraris to the roads anywhere.

We battled the traffic out of the Lane Cove Tunnel and onto the M2. Even here there seemed to be an inordinate amount of traffic on the road which prevented the free flow of cars.



From the M2 we entered the M7 where things seems to move better, if still somewhat constrained. We crossed over the M4 taking the Hoxton Park exit around the back of Eastern Creek along Ferrers Road into Gate A at Sydney Motorsport Park, where we parked our vehicles in special designated parking having arrived without incident.

The Road to Sydney Cavalcade was a special event that I was proud to be part of (even if I wasn’t really keen about putting a large sticker on my bonnet). It was a unique feeling to be part of so many Ferraris travelling through the street of Sydney full of Ferrari enthusiasts all going to experience the unique event that was Ferrari Racing Days.

I’ll have a few posts about Ferrari Racing Days soon but the cavalcade certainly stand out as something unique that I was proud to be part of.

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