Look before reserving


If you though this blog was getting boring well thanks to my stupidity I now have another ‘little’ project.

As you can probably see from the above picture I was reversing in haste and managed to collect a raised road divider with a sign sticking out of it. The result of that was a lot of black scuff marks on the bumper but also a crack as you can see just above the exhaust pipe.

The impact also broke off some pieces from the under tray lining but the crack in the bumper is the really annoying part as it is a vivid reminder of how stupid and impetuous I am.

No use crying over spilled milk, time to work out how to get it fixed.

I have spoken with Sal at Racing Red and he can get it fixed but as you would expect it is bit more than few hundred dollars to repair, which I totally get.

The crack appears to only be on the exterior, it doesn’t appear cracked all the way through, so in theory it shouldn’t be ‘too’ hard to fix right?

If I tape it off, stand back the crack, touch it up with some paint I would think that would be adequate in preventing me from constantly seeing the reminder.

Hmmmm…let me see what Gary at Prestige Auto Dent Removal says first while I do some more research into fixing this myself.

I would think that if I tried to fix it up and stuffed up I could simply take to Sal and get it fixed?

Anyway, another chapter opens in the reference manual of my life with the F355. Stay tuned as this new story unfolds.

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