The parts are back


The good news is that all the bits are back! They were sent to Carplastix in the Czech Republic.


What an excellent job. Just take a look at the refurbished A/C console above. Bright and shiny logos and text as well as a great finish that ensures no more stickies!


The man that has put in all the hard work to get the interior sparkling is Elliot Caras whom you can find at elliotcaras@gmail and @restored_by_elliot on Instagram. Elliot loves the 355 and I highly recommend you reaching out if you need some work done. I’ve booked my car in with him (although there is long wait he is so busy) to get the suspension and shocks done next. Maybe on day it’ll be concourse material?

All that said, I have not as yet seen the car in the flesh. That’ll be later this week. I’m afraid to get it dirty now! However, I think the desire to drive the car is going to beat that in the long run.

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