Singin’ in the rain

Even though it was a wet and rainy day things couldn’t be better because the F355 is back and fully operational!


The failed hose ended up being Part Number 161609 (pipe from tank to radiators delivery pipe).



Which has now been replaced. The split appears to be right at the point when it bends up from the transverse pipes as shown above.

At the same time, the re-conditioned cats were re-installed as well as the suspension warning light being rectified. All that now needs to be done is to replace the broken gear in the air conditioning unit. At the moment I do have a replacement gear for that but I’m having a number of copies made, just in case!

The car will need to go back to Sal in about a month’s time for its annual service and registration. Hopefully, by that time I’ll also have the replacement gear, which can finally be fixed, and that should be it!

It looks like it is going to take about a year, mainly thanks for COVID, to get the car fully operational without ANY residual issues! However, in the meantime, even though it was quite wet today, it was a joy to take the car out for an extended drive. It’ll be even better to do likewise when the sun is shiny, but that is for another day. I’m stoked that the cats are back, there is no warning lights on the dash and no green liquid under the car.

Next project is to get the 3D print of the broken gear sorted. Updates on that when it happens. Stay tuned.

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