Go figure


The F355 is getting closer to being returned with a complete refurbished interior, which is awesome. Interestingly, one of these steps was stripping the coating that had been applied to the centre console as you can see above. When I saw this I was dumb struck I will admit. Why the hell would anyone do this?

Seems the reason is that during resale, the quick way to ‘refurbish’ leather is to simply paint it with a coating that kind of looks like make up doesn’t it? It apparently requires a huge amount of work to remove unfortunately. I ‘sort of’ understand why it is done to help get the car ‘out the door’ but I still can’t understand why you’d do something like this that makes it really really hard to remove on a car like the F355. That’s perhaps why I’m not a car dealer. I just don’t get it.

The good news is that it has been removed and luckily is not also on the seats which would be a a major headache! So no long now until I’ll have the F355 back with a bright shiny interior. Can’t wait!

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