Worst fears

After picking up the vehicle the day before it was now time to give the machine a run along the more accommodating freeways. Deciding on an early start, to avoid traffic, the F355 emerged from the garage and waited at the lights to the main road. Although the petrol level wasn’t critical, now would probably be a good time to fill the car up.

Pulled into the petrol station and pressed the button on the centre console to open the filler cap. Upon getting out of the car and going around to that side of the vehicle it was discovered that the filler cap was in fact still closed. The natural conclusion is that that car needs to be running for the button to open the cap. Jump back into the car and try and start the car. It cranks but then fails to start. On no! Please no! Try again. Still no go. Mild panic begins to set in. Visions of towing, repair bills being to fill one’s mind. Try once more. Still won’t start. In a non starting Ferrari EVERY one can hear you scream and worst of all can see you as well.

This is not looking good. The best option is probably to call for road side assistance but for that the nearest side street will be required. It is almost as if you are strolling around naked as you walk away from the service station and away from the car towards the nearest intersection holding a mobile phone to you ear and wearing a pained look no doubt.

As luck would have it the call for assistance dropped out. Let’s give this one more try. Unlock the car, get in and this time it fires up! Ok, what to do here? Continue to fill it up or drive it back? Filling it up will mean turning the engine off and there maybe a chance that it won’t fire up again after that. Decisions, decisions. No, we are here now and the car need fuel so let’s open the filler cap with the engine running, turn the car off and fill it up. If it doesn’t fire afterwards then we’ll just deal with that then.

Such antics had by now attracted a bit of crowd of onlookers going about their morning business. Judging that things were a little more positive with the car, they had  after all heard it start, came over to inspect the beast. A few nervous laughs and dismissive comments the crowd disbursed back to their own vehicle to either watch the next episode or get on with their business. Seems like having an audience is part and parcel of driving a vehicle like this. However, in this situation it isn’t something that is enjoyable.

Car filled, monies paid and with fingers crossed the key was once again turned. Without hesitation the car started and what remained of one’s dignity could now roll out of the service station.

The car performed flawlessly through the remainder of its trip but the failing to start incident continued to haunt during the week. As you will discover in the next post the issue for the vehicle failing to start was that the engine immoboiliser had engaged during the process of pfafing around with the filler cap. Failing to notice this of course meant the car would not start. D’OH!

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