Airbag ECU and cables

Well the replacement airbag ECU and cables for the F355 have turned up. Here are some shots of the parts:

169712 – Airbag cables


IMG_2934 IMG_2935

IMG_2936 IMG_2944

IMG_2948 IMG_2941

169710 – Airbag Electronic Control Unit (ECU)


So the car has been booked in with Racing Red to have these parts changed and to get the shrinkage on the dash repaired.


It is probably a little hard to see in the above image but just above the wiper connection you might be able to see some brown bits. This appears to be where the glue and the dash have parted ways. Not a huge issue but if the dash has to be ‘almost’ disassembled to replace the airbag cables might as well take the opportunity to get this ‘whole’ dash disassembled and this taken care of as well.

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