Nanolex vs Permanon–4 months on

About 4 months ago I applied both Nanolex and Permanon to the bonnet of my day to day road car. I recorded a video of the water shedding ability and then posted about it here.

In essence, at initial application, Nanolex had a greater water shedding ability.

At the point of application that is all well and good but what about over time? It has now been over 4 months since I did the initial application. Since then the car has been driven every day through rain and shine, washed regularly but with nothing else done to the bonnet.

The above video shows the water shedding capabilities of both products after this time period. What the video perhaps doesn’t show well is the fact that both sides of the bonnet now (unsurprisingly) don’t shed water as well and in fact shed it at about the same rate.

If you compare that to the original video above you can see the difference 4 months of wear and tear produce.

My conclusion is that after an extended period of time both Nanolex and Permanon end up at the same location when it comes to protection. Nanolex is certainly produces a much more noticeable result initially but in the long run tends to same result.

Given that similarity I have to say that my preference is still for Permanon as it is much easier and quicker to apply than Nanolex. You also don’t need to let it ‘set’ like you do Nanolex. The Nanolex treatment requires application of a cleaner and the gel which takes longer and requires more ‘stuff’. All you do with Permanon is dilute some of the concentrate with water and spray it on. You can also use Permanon on any external surface on the car, where Nanolex is limited to the paintwork.

Typically, after washing and rinsing the car I spray it with Permanon and then use a micro fibre towel to dry the surface while also applying the Permanon. Once the surface is buffed dry you are good to go. Nanolex requires the surface to be dry first and then the treatment applied, then needs to be left for 30 minutes or so. Although it produces great results, this simply takes longer and over the long run doesn’t seem to provide any major benefits over Permanon.

So there you have it. In my testing after 4 months of normal usage both Nanolex and Permanon produce the same results when it comes to protection. However, my preference is for Permanon because it is an easier and quick product to apply while effectively doing the same job,

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