Corso Pilota–Reflections, recommendations and resources

To have the opportunity to attend a Corso Pilota in Maranello course you firstly need to be a registered Ferrari Owner. This means that Ferrari must know about your car and it basically must visible when you login to with your details. 

Next, you need to select which dates you wish to attend the course on. You’ll typically find there here – Courses run pretty much all year round.

Once you have selected your course dates and there are places available (there is a limit of 28 drivers per course), you’ll need to book and pay for your course online.


Once you have received confirmation of your booking you’ll also receive, as part of the course, 2 nights accommodation at Hotel Una Baggiovara, which is about halfway between Modena in the north and Maranello in the south (

Your fee will also cover transfers too and from the hotel to the Fiorano track, lunch and dinner for the two days of the course as well as refreshments.

You can extend your stay at the hotel (which I did) and I’d recommend you add at least 2 days prior to the event as well as the night after the course completes to avoid a rushed departure.




As you can see, the rooms are very modern with plenty of room. They include a mini bar and a safe as well as free wifi.

The hotel also has a gym, restaurant, bar and garage if required.

I’d recommend the most cost effective method to get to the hotel is a train to Modena station ( and then either a taxi (Euro 15) or a private car (Euro 35).

While you are attending the Corso Pilota I’d suggest you also make time for the following:

1. Ferrari factory tour.



This needs to be arranged through your Ferrari dealer prior to departing. Pick a preferred date and you dealer will confirm your tour. Allow at least 2 months prior to departure to arrange this. You will receive a confirmation letter from Ferrari of your tour. Ensure that you bring this along with you to present at reception when you arrive. The tour takes about 4 hours. The factory is located here –

2. Ferrari museum.


Located just south of the factory ( You can purchase a combination ticket for this museum and the Enzo Ferrari museum in Modena. If you have a strong interest in Formula 1 and Ferrari’s history in the sport, allow about 2 hours to fully explore the museum. If your interest doesn’t extend deeply into Formula 1 then allow around 1 hour for this museum.

3. Ferrari store.



Almost directly opposite the Ferrari factory entrance you’ll find the Ferrari store (


It is quite large and you can easily spend at least 30 minutes browsing through all the merchandise that is available.

4. Other stores.

There are plenty of other little stores around Maranello that sell all sorts of racing and Ferrari memorabilia. Some of those include:

5. Fiorano track ( image

If you continue along the road where the Ferrari Museum is located and then hang a right a few streets down you’ll end up at the gates to Fiorano. You generally can’t get any further than the gates but there is a nice sign above the entrance that makes for a cool selfie.

6. Drive a Ferrari.

If you really want to take a ride in a Ferrari, there are lots and lots of businesses around that can offer you this including:

7. Enzo Ferrari Museum transfer.

If you are planning to visit the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena then you should purchase your shuttle bus tickets from the offices on the left as you exit the Ferrari Museum. The buses run to a schedule and it takes about 30 minutes to get from Maranello to Modena or visa versa. The schedule for the buses is here:

8. Ristorante Montana 




About 10 minutes north of the factory is this amazing and famous restaurant. The walls are covered with all sorts of Ferrari memorabilia and you’ll see signatures from famous guests from Formula 1, movies and more. The food is also amazing.

9. Il Cavallino Restaurant (  Across the road from the factory.

10. Enzo Ferrari Museum Modena (


This museum is located north in Modena and is serviced by a shuttle bus (Euro 6 one way) that also stops at the Ferrari Museum and Modena railway station.


There is also the engine museum which is housed in a replica workshop right next door.


There is not a huge amount to see in these museums but plenty to read about Enzo’s life and each individual engine. You should probably allow 60 – 90 minutes to fully see both museums.

Now aside from everything Ferrari there are also these sites to interest the motoring enthusiast.

11. Lamborghini Factory Museum.

( This museum is about 30 minutes north east of Modena by car but can also be reached by bus from Bologna.


It is housed over 2 floors and isn’t as extensive as the Ferrari Museum so you should allow 45 – 60 minutes to see it all.

12. Lamborghini Factory tour

Unlike the Ferrari factory tour this tour is available to everyone BUT you must book in advance as places a limited. They run a number of tours throughout the day and to reserve a place visit –

You will normally combine the entry to the factory museum and factory tour together. As these are both out of the way ensure you plan ahead.

13. Museo Ferruccio Lamborghini.

( This museum is dedicate to the man Lamborghini rather that just the car (which is now owned by Audi). It is located further east than the Lamborghini factory and is about 50 minutes drive from Modena.


It contains exhibits from every Ferruccio was involved with, including cars, tractors, boats and even helicopters. unfortunately, it is not in a very central location but is also serviced by a bus from Bologna.

14.Pagani Factory tours.

15. Ducati Museum.

16. Private Maserati Collection.

DSC00768 About a 20 minute drive from Modena, situated on a cheese making farm.

Other resources

Private and individual tours of factories –

Group factory tours –

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